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Anyone under 65 can join, and most people should.
The subsidies alone make it a “no-brainer”.

  • When you join the government puts $1,000 into your account as a "kick start" bonus – even if you are still a child and / or not planning to save through the scheme.
  • Those aged over 18 also get a government subsidy.
  • If you are employed and a member of a KiwiSaver scheme you have to save some of your income via KiwiSaver and so does your employer.
  • Savings in the KiwiSaver scheme are "locked in" until you qualify for NZ Super (or for 5 years if you are over 60 when you join), but after 12 months you can apply to suspend your savings if things get tough.
  • After three years members can withdraw their savings to help them buy a first home – and they may also get additional subsidies.
  • KiwiSaver members can also save or add to their saving by direct debit and or add lump sums if they want to.

Click here to go to the KiwiSaver website.

Try our simple KiwiSaver Account calculator (save to your computer before opening)

Try our simple KiwiSaver Account for a grandchild calculator (save to your computer before opening)

Contact us for help in this area. We research the main KiwiSaver providers and can advise you on which scheme and fund you should use – or how to switch.

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