We use the six-step professional financial planning process:

When we give financial advice we:

  1. Discuss what you are looking for, and if we are able to help, make sure we understand what you want, and agree on likely timeframes and costs.
  2. Gather the information we will need on your goals, values and financial situation.
  3. Analyse your situation to determine what you need to do to meet your goals.
  4. Develop and present recommendations designed to help you achieve your goals. We discuss our recommendations with you to make sure you understand them and so that you can make informed decisions. We listen to your concerns and revise our recommendations as appropriate.
  5. Agree on how the recommendations will be carried out, and either make the arrangements or coordinate these with you and your other professional advisers (eg, your lawyer and or accountant)
  6. Monitor your progress, reporting to you regularly and reviewing the plan as your life changes.

Depending on what you are looking for, the financial planning process could include attention to any or all of a range of aspects of your finances:

Financial Management
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Tax Planning
Investment Approach

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